New Release – Terra de Eros

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  • Anil Prasad: Tabla, most tracks..
  • Clipper Anderson: Bass, tracks #6,11, 14, 16
  • Steve Kim: Bass, track #2
  • Michel Navedo: Trumpet, track #3
  • Steve Thoreson: Tenor, tracks #4, 8
  • Eric Fridrich: Bass Harmonica, track #13, Electric Guitar, track #4
  • Serena Tideman: Cello, track #7
  • Jason Everett: Bass, track #8


About a year ago I decided to create an ensemble album. I have a group called ‘The Bohemian Entourage,’consisting of multiple guitar and string sounds, tabla, bass and the occasional musical guest. We also have the talent- ed amenco dancer, Stella Rossi from Paraguay in our group. I wanted to offer a recording to my fans that re ected the eclectic nature of my live shows.
The concept of this project is ‘in-the-moment’ playing. I believe in the magic of conversational music. It is music that is easy to be with; there is a lot to say in the space and silence between notes and phrases. There are ery and intense moments as well, but the thread that weaves its way through this album is that of a mysterious story, a night of wonder and sounds that transport you to places of beauty.

This is a very unique project because of the exotic string sounds that are introduced in the seventy minute journey. Besides my mainstay instruments, the Spanish guitar, the acoustic and electric, I play the nylon string banjo, ukulele, the charango, the harp guitar. In addition, we have the bass harmonica, cello, trumpet, tenor vocals, and I have to mention the amazing tabla mastery of Anil Prasad, who plays on almost every song. The album also moves between many musical styles, including classical, folk, Flamenco, Brazilian and jazz. Several of the songs are one hundred percent in- the-moment improvisations. I love the power and freedom of this kind of playing–a ‘musical Jackson Pollock,’ so to speak.

Since I released my rst album thirty years ago, it has been an amazing journey on many levels. Now after ten solo guitar albums, a singer songwriter project, a poetry cd, a ukulele album, and a Beatles record titled ‘Beatles Masquerade,’ I am nally releasing a band/group project. I’m very happy with combination of dimension, tex- ture, musical timbre and storytelling presented on ‘Terra de Eros.’ I am honored to have had several of the best musicians in the Northwest joining me on this recording. Their sounds and personalities help to create a large part of the magic that happened in the recording studio.

Lastly, the older I get, the more I realize that the mission of my art and music is to give joy, healing and love to the world–to help us see the beauty and connection around us, regardless of our differences. Music and the guitar are simply the instru- ments, an intention of love, mystery and honor are at the core of my compositions.

I hope you enjoy ‘Terra de Eros’ Land of Love.

—- Andre Feriante January 29, 2016

Intro to Tera de Eros

The Instruments of Tera de Eros

“Indeed, this is a breathtakingly beautiful collection! The juxtaposition of jazz, flamenco, blues, and pure joy is something altogether new, rich, and delicious! …a perfect recipe for connecting with the world. I LOVE this CD. I can’t wait to listen to it again and again.”
– Melanie Falcioni, Poet, Painter, Musician

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