String Stories

Guitar, Ukulele, and Banjo

In my travels as a performer I have been privileged to meet some amazing guitar builders. Featured on this page are some of the instruments in my collection. Although I’ve played classical and flamenco guitars for most of my music career, in the past few years I’ve started adding new and exotic guitar sounds to my stage shows. About three years ago the ukulele started to intrigue me and as of recently the banjo has reached out to me as well. As I continue to explore, the electric, the steel string, and the harp guitar have made their way into my sound. My current stage presentation is called ‘StringStories’ it celebrates the many voices of the guitar, ukulele and banjo. I focus on the classical, flamenco, jazz and Brazilian traditions and relay stories about some the great players in these styles. I tell stories from my travels and elaborate on meeting creative and talented luthiers and how their guitar came to join my cast. StringStories is and intersection of stories, it sheds light on the beauty and array of sounds that can come from a piece of wood and a string. It also gives me a workout, sometimes on the road I will carry ten instrument from the car into a hotel room at night and then back to the car again in the morning and finally to the theater…… 🙂


Tone Devil Guitars

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I’m honored to play both a steel and a nylon stringed harp guitar by Tone Devil guitars. The nylon string is a rare instrument in that there are not many nylon harp guitars. This is a custom made Leon Atkinson Classical. Spruce top, walnut sides and back. The steel string has an amazing sounding ponderosa pine top.


Richard Schneider

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One of my most interesting guitars is by the late Richard Schneider. Richard was a passionate builder who spent thirty years redesigning the classical guitar. He built a modern instrument with innovative bracing and an offset sound hole.

I met Richard in 1994 in Seattle, and he offered me a guitar to use for recording and for playing in a few concerts. I was very impressed with his guitars. We became friends while he attended many of my concerts and Richard invited me to perform at his Lost Mountain Guitar Festival. At the time of his death, Richard Schneider had a guitar he named ‘Leslie’ in the works for me; his good friend Jay Hargreaves finished the instrument and it is now a cherished part of my collection.


David Poplar

Ukulele & Small Instruments

Sequim, WA

Three years ago, ukulele and small instrument maker David Poplar heard me playing a store bought ukulele at a concert in his area. He approached me and offered to make me a custom uke. David builds in an old world style, using no power tools. His philosophy is that these truly unique instruments are rustic and folkloric instruments. Now, three years later we have built a player-builder relationship and Poplar has made several very exotic sounding ukuleles for me, featured here on my site and recorded on my album ‘Novella’. I have a Poplar three string, a five string, a couple of beautiful tenor ukuleles, and a parlor guitar. The parlor guitar is a replica of an old Torres from Spain; it’s the same guitar that you see Sting using in concert these days. For more information, contact Andre Feriante directly at


Kevin Gillies

OI Ukuleles

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I’m currently playing a great ukulele by master carpenter and architect Kevin Gillies of OI Ukuleles. Kevin’s work is cutting edge, and some of the best pro ukulele players use his instruments. I am fortunate to have a tenor and a baritone by Kevin Gillies.


Patrick “Doc” Huff

Doc’s Banjos

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I am happy to have found Doc at Doc’s Banjos. He builds the most amazing instruments, he is a true master builder. I have a cello banjo and a soprano banjo by Doc. They are both nylon string which is perfect for my style of music. Displayed here in the photo is the soprano.


David Daily

Daily Guitars

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Classical Guitar, Spruce Top

Greg Oxrieder

Oxrieder Guitars

Bellevue, WA | Visit Website »

Flamenco Blanca


Robert Hein

Pacific Ukes

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Koa Wood Tenor Ukulele


Vance Burgeson

Classical Guitars

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I also have an amazing sounding classical arch-top guitar by a builder from Sand Point ID, Vance Bergeson. For more information, please email Vance Burgeson directly at




80’s Vintage Electric Guitar

Photography by Angelo Feriante