His musicianship is sensitive, articulate, pleasing and entirely in accord with his own music. One does not always find this sort of harmony on the concert platform.

R.M. Campbell, Seattle PI Music Critic,

Feriante’s music is full of lyricism and reflection… I’m not surprised he’s gaining national and international recognition.

Peter Donnelly, Pres., Seattle Corporate Council for the Arts,

Muy bien… wonderful tone.

Andres Segovia,

Andre Feriante and The Bohemian Entourage produced a unique blend of classical, flamenco, opera, contemporary and world musics…elegant, and compelling. Feriante’s guitar truly sings…

Harriet Bullitt,

Andre Feriante takes the genre to a whole new level…
Best local musician.

Seattle Magazine,

From his guitar to your heart.

AOL Cityguide Starla Smith,

Extraordinary touch… exquisite musicianship, authenticity and innate sense of tase.

Willamette Week, Portland,

Andre Feriante’s lyrics have been compar- ed to leonard Cohen, his sound to Andres Segovia and his looks to a genetic mix of Andre Agassi, Nicholas Cage and Eminem.

Digital City,

Feriante’s music is soothing and romantic with the fiery undercurrent of flamenco.

Latin Style,

The rhythms and romanticism of Spain come alive when he takes the stage

Maui Music Festival,