Valentine’s Day Concert at Kirkland Performance Center

The weeping of the guitar begins…. wine glasses shatter in the dead of night…..
These were the first words of the show last Saturday night, the poetry of Garcia Lorca.
A poem that speaks to the bitter sweet and haunting sounds of the Spanish guitar.
I will frequently start my concerts with this poem called ‘La Guitarra’ while playing
a self accompaniment in the flamenco style.

In the concert I was joined by Anil Prasad on tabla, Steve Kim on bass, Stella Rossi
flamenco dancer and I had a special guest on piano, the amazing Overton Berry.
We played to a full house, close to 400 people, they were a mix of fans, friends, family
and I did meet many new people who had never been to one of my concerts in the past.

I try to take my audience on a journey in to the wonders of beauty, into places of
dream, into the poetic realms. I hope is that you can forget and disappear into a timeless
place for a couple of hours. I hope that you can walk away refreshed, relaxed and
have some prospective on your life, almost like you were just traveling to some
exotic place for a while. Inspiring people to return to creativity is a byproduct of
the experience, if I have someone talk to me after the show and express they
they are very inspired to get back into playing music, or painting, then I feel
like I’m doing my part to increase human awareness through the knowledge of

I also love to tell stories in my shows, last Saturday I told the story of my first
formal concert. I was 17, in Rome Italy, I had practiced a very difficult program of
classical music for about 4 months. Come the day of the night of the concert, I’m
walking out on stage and what do I hear instead of applause, I hear hysterical laughter.
Well, I did not know why until after the concert, my father, who is a practical joker had
recorded the sound of a horse neighing and then played it in the theater on his cassette player.

My twenty year anniversary show was a lot of fun and very fulfilling, I hope it was
a memorable night for all. I have a tradition of ending the show with an improvisation
with all of my musical guests. The song that I have played for the past 6 year is an
original called ‘Spain’ we love to take this song from a very soft and quiet place to
a powerful and rhythmic peek and the back down to silence. We had a gracious
crowd that gave us a standing ovation, there was a love of in the theater.
We ended with an encore ‘And I Love Her’ by the Beatles

I just talked to the KCP theater today, we are booked for next year.
The show will be on Saturday Feb 13 2016.