How Music Enhances the Magic of the Holidays

The holidays are a time to enjoy each other’s company. It may be one of the only times a year, if not the only time, you see certain friends or family members. Beneath all the glitz and glamour of the holiday season, the underlying meaning is to simply be thankful for loved ones and celebrate your togetherness. Along with the presents, decorations, outings and food that come along with the holiday season, music can contribute to our interpersonal connections and evoke a certain mood.

Musical compositions and melodies create more than sounds for our ears, but a multi-sensory experience for our minds and souls. As an artist, I feel a deep connection to my audience when I play live, with their response guiding my performance. Music brings us together through the feelings it evokes in us. Think about how you feel when you hear a Christmas song—it may prompt thoughts of your holiday tradition, the smell of gingerbread cookies, sights of twinkling lights. The music we listen to during the holidays can spark specific memories of that time of year, and therefore connect us through sound.

While planning a holiday gathering, don’t forget to set an enriching soundtrack. Think beyond those same ten Christmas songs heard over and over this time of year—everyone knows that Santa Claus is coming at this point. Take your guests on a musical journey with the sounds of classical flamenco and Spanish guitar. The music I have recorded makes for the perfect holiday playlist, provoking conversation and togetherness without overpowering the room. My albums, especially Angelica and Novella, can be purchased as a hard copy or downloaded onto your computer for the perfect background music in your home.

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