An In-Depth Look at My New Album, Terra de Eros

Earlier this year, I was pleased to release my latest album, Terra de Eros. It’s an ensemble with my group, “The Bohemian Entourage”, and features a lovely mix of eclectic, mysterious, and exotic sounds from guitar, tabla, bass and other instruments.

Here on the site, I have already told the story behind the album, which has been about a year in the making, but I felt that greater insight into the new album and each individual piece was warranted. What follows is an in-depth look at the album as a whole, with some specific notes about each track.

Fidalgo: This danceable, light hearted, original piece is reminiscent of Santana and Segovia combined. It’s played on charango, flamenco and electric guitar, harp guitar and talba. The name came from a street in the industrial district of Seattle, and means ‘noble’. This track gets you into the mood of the evening with an upbeat, smooth-flowing, slow-medium beat and a classically Spanish style. Style: World Music

El Camino: This song features the great talbla work of Anil Prasad and the amazing fretless bass of Steve Kim. It is one of several tracks on the album that is 100 percent improvisation. Andre likes to call these pieces ‘a musical Jackson Pollock’. With swifter finger-styling and a lovely beat, this song has a rich beat to form the foundation for the eclectic string notes. Style: World Music

Transcendental Lane: One of Feriante’s older compositions that is always played in an improvisational style, this version is beautifully enhanced by the trumpet of Michele Navedo, adding a refreshing energy to an otherwise somewhat-melancholy ambiance of this track. Transcendental Lane is a thoughtful, fluid track that is lovely to listen to as the light dims, and the mood of the evening becomes calm and philosophical. Style: World Music

Spanish Rhapsody: This rhythmic, original song is one of Andre’s concert staples, its reminiscent of a medieval or South American dance played on Spanish guitar and tabla. Energetic, vibrant, and active, the song adds a playful aspect to the album. Andre loves the fun energy and creativity of this track, on which Anil joined him with the tabla. Style: World Music, Classical

La Cura: This song was born and added to the album in the final hour. Andre wrote it as an acoustic guitar song and directed the additional parts in the recoding studio. It might be the most unique from the rest of the album. La Cura features the world-class tenor voice of Steve Thoreson, and is relaxing, soft, and sweet. Style: World Music, Modern, Ambient

Yesterday: This is a classic Beatles song featuring Andre on jazz guitar and Seattle’s own Clipper Anderson on bass. Yesterday echoes the kind of sadness that is still somewhat happy, like sweet memories that are gone but we enjoy looking back on. The addition of bass completes the soft fullness of this track. Style: Jazz

Saturn Song: One of Andre’s first compositions on the harp guitar, Saturn Song takes you to deep inner and outer spaces. This track features the amazing cello work of Serena Tideman, which brings in a warm, melancholy aspect that plays really well with the guitar. Mysterious, curious, and sensual, this track has a beautiful and unique mood. Style: Classical

Irish March: An 11th Century March, Andre first heard this played by Narciso Yepes when he was 16 years old at a concert in Rome. This version was created with his group ‘The Bohemian Entourage’, and played in the style of a ‘Brave Heart’ soundtrack. It’s just the kind of eclectic, creative music Andre loves to do — in-the-moment playing. Style: World Music, Classical

Pastoral: Pastoral is an improvisation on the charango (a South American strummed instrument related to the lute), that is normally played as a group in a folk style. Andre, as he does with many stringed instruments, has created his own sound on the charango evoking mystical and magical moments in sound for this song. This is the only solo moment on the album. Style: Classical, Folk, Ambient

Banjo Joy: Andre wrote this joyful little song during a rehearsal with his talba player, Anil Prasad. Andre enjoys introducing exotic string sounds that are not commonly heard by the western ear, thus the nylon string banjo by Doc’s Banjos in Southern OR. The song really creates a really cheery mood, and is reminiscent of a happy springtime rain falling against the windows, turning everything green. Style: World Music, Classical, Folk

Autumn Leaves: In a lovely contrast from the just-prior track, Autumn Leaves is subtly sensual, twangy, slow and luxurious. Clipper Anderson’s bass brings a distinct smooth jazz flavor to the track, which is deeply resonant and deliciously rich. It is another classic improvised with tabla, upright bass and Andre on the electric guitar. Style: Jazz

Incantations: This is one of Feriante’s most popular flamenco songs. Here Anil and Andre present a new and fresh take on the song for the album. Incantations is a wonderful example of Flamenco/Jazz fusion, with methodical strumming and a light beat to ground the music. It is a vivid, almost-wild piece, and yet the feelings of depth and mystery are clearly felt. Style: Flamenco, World Music, Classical

Momento: Momento has an interesting mix of musical elements, highlighting that mood of mystery and eclecticness that is key to this album. It also has a sense of curiosity and interest, because of the almost-surprising musical elements. Momento is 100 percent improvisation, with Andre on tenor ukulele, Anil on tabla and Seattle’s own Eric Fridrich playing his haunting and playfully sinister sounding bass harmonica. Style: World Music

Black Orpheus: Soft and sad, a resonating richness defines Black Orpheus’ smooth sound. It is a Brazilian favorite played in the jazz style; a fun musical journey with tabla and upright bass. This track certainly brings in the aspects of smooth jazz, which Andre loves to juxtapose with Flamenco and Brazilian styles. Clipper Anderson’s bass fills out the sound with a beautifully melancholy tone. Style: Jazz, World Music

Terra de Eros: Anil and Andre played with the flamenco guitar and tabla for this musical story for a good hour in the studio — another ‘musical Jackson Pollock’ so to speak. It is a nostalgic journey of Andre reminiscing about his early years, his travels and studies in Spain, Italy and South America. Terra de Eros has a lovely bright and clear ambiance, with some fun playing and a classical Flamenco approach. Style: World Music, Flamenco

Wonderful World: One of Andre’s ukulele concert anchors, Wonderful World is a beautiful juxtaposition of the innocent, high voice of the ukulele and the deep sounds of the upright bass. It’s soft, pretty, and has a light warmth and resonance that is completed with the bass, played by Clipper Anderson. Style: Jazz, World Music

The Walking Song: Possibly a never-been-heard before combo of sounds: the nylon banjo, cello and talba, The Walking Song is another complete improvisation. It was born in the studio after Serena Tideman recorded The Saturn Song with Andre. When mixed with the creative in-the-moment playing that characterizes this album, the result with The Walking Song is almost raw in an eclectic and playful, yet slightly melancholy way. Style: World Music

Cezume: Andre sings an original vocal in his own neo-Latin language for Cezume. This song was first recorded on a collection of lullabies for his grandson, Wilder. The talba was added to give additional dimension for the album. The lyrical aspect croons to the listener as strumming notes and hand drum beats bring a close to an evening of beauty and wonder. Style: World Music, Vocal, Latin

I hope you enjoy this work, which has been a wonderful project and something very magical to create.