Benefits of Live Music in a Restaurant, Hotel, Resort and Winery

For the past 25 years, Andre has built fantastic relationships with hotels, restaurants and bar/lounge establishments throughout Seattle and beyond. He has played at most of Seattle’s high end venues, private clubs, and resorts, and loves the intimate experience of sitting down in a cozy corner and serenading guests and patrons with his unique blend of flamenco, classical, and jazz. Of course, Andre is no stranger to larger stages, and enjoys more public performances as well when he plays at Benaroya Hall and the Triple Door (to name a couple), but playing in a restaurant or hotel is exceptionally enjoyable for him.

In addition to being one of Andre’s favorite types of settings to play in, there are also some benefits of live music in a restaurant or hotel (or bar and lounge), for guests and the businesses!

Positive Energy

The engaging finger that Andre uses to create beautiful notes of classical, flamenco and Brazilian styles of music create an atmosphere of positive energy. Andre’s playing on the harp, guitar, ukelele and other stringed instruments is upbeat, interesting, and bring a peaceful melody to a room full of people as they enjoy a snack or beverage, or simply pass the time.

Enhanced Ambiance

With live music in a restaurant or hotel lounge, the space — no matter how beautifully it’s decorated — gains an added ambiance to create a mood of romance, energy or exotic interest. Andre selects the music he plays in these settings with this in mind, to perform songs that fit with and enhance the ambiance of the setting.

Unique Experiences

Music can take us on an adventure, and transport us to places unknown. With Andre’s innovative blend of classical guitar with delightful flamenco and Brazilian styles, listeners can enjoy something unique and special, while appreciating the resonating emotion and inspiration from his finger play and occasional vocals.

Engaged Customers

In many of today’s restaurants, it is unfortunate how many patrons are glued to their smartphones. Sadly, they are missing out on many experiences and relationships. But with live music in a restaurant or hotel lounge, there is an added attraction that draws patrons away from the screens of their cell phones, to enjoy the performance and engage with each other and staff. And when patrons are engaged with a live music performance, they are also more likely to stay longer to enjoy the complete show. Therefore, they are apt to purchase more beverages and/or snacks.

Artist Interaction

With an attraction like live music, your restaurant or bar will draw more customers. Beyond the added guests from marketing the event, additional customers will enter your establishment when they hear the sounds as they pass on the street, enticing them to enjoy more closely. It’s common for Andre to make a connection with a couple from out of town or out of the country, since he has thirty years of musical touring in his past. An emotional connection happens with the music, something that only art and music can offer – they will always associate that night at the location with a magical night in Seattle.

Andre Feriante is available for bookings at your establishment. Click here to add his exceptional musical flavor to your next event!