Andre Feriante, ‘The Wine Guitarist’, Plus Upcoming Events

Over the years, I have played at a lot of wineries… both here in the U.S. and also around the world, particularly in Italy. My experiences, which have been wonderful, actually sparked an idea a few years ago…

I wanted to create a video/film series, cataloging the experience of traveling to various wineries in classic vintage car, having a tasting, and then performing an intimate outdoor old-world concert with candles or torches for ambiance. The series would include conversations with the winemaker, a chef, or maybe even a local painter. The idea would be to spotlight the ‘good things in life’. From the journey, to traveling in a classic old car, enjoying good wines and interesting conversations, highlighting the fascinating local attractions and personalities, and finally ending with a drive off into the natural, historic beauty of wine country.

The idea was to kind of feature myself as a sort of ‘wine guitarist’, enjoying and participating in the good things of life. Who knows? It may be a project I can pick up and do in the future.

In the meantime, I am looking forward to a couple of exciting performances coming up soon…

This month, I will be returning to Lake Chelan to play at MVP Vintners as part of the wine bar’s outdoor summer concert series. Join us for an evening of wine, scenery, and guitar on August 14 and 16 from 6 to 8pm. More details are available at the Facebook event page.

Some more exciting news… as you might know, I have organized the guitar festival, Guitar Euphoria in the past. Last August, we held a four-day retreat at Sleeping Lady Resort / Icicle Creek Center for the Arts. Next month, I’m directing a smaller version at The Triple Door. On Aug 22nd and 23rd, enjoy Guitar Euphoria! Featuring Northwest Guitar Greats: Brian Nova, Mark Wilson, Danny Godinez, and more to be announced. I will also play a show. The concept for this event is to celebrate many guitar styles and bring fans that normally wouldn’t come the same show to mix, and have a very diverse audience.

I hope you will be able to come and enjoy one or both of these events with me, enjoying the good things in life such as guitar and other music, played by talented artists.