Excerpts from Anatomie de la Luna

Women of Picasso

I dance the world
on spinning mountain peaks
of sleep
invisible partners glide
to and from my arms falling out
into spacious ballrooms of rose
My sorrow is a cup of blue honey
and I sip the swirls of desire
laughing strong in dance
because I know nothing
Every place I spin
there forms a memory of me
billows of light engulf me
and I am driven by the music
of vibrant abandon
I dance where silence
has not yet formed
beneath the virgin coils of longing
where the wings of angels
are waiting still to move
I dance in the eyes of the dead…


I will paint for you
a large guitar with thick black lines
I will fill it with
the fading cities of yesterday
Rome Barcelona Santa Cruz
with the ancient streets
I frequent in my sleep
I will paint the neck
as delicate
as the back of a woman
Along the strings
I will spin invisible strands of joy
and long filaments of moonlight
I will paint myself
as the arms of a tree
slowly embracing the guitar
in gradual surrender
to the heavy beauty of stars
My face will be painted
in the eyes of clouds
drifting yet paralyzed in stillness…


I almost put ‘I love you’
in words last night
but I held my tongue
and kept it in my eyes